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Tessa Hövel

Founder and owner

From a young idea, TOGET-HER developed into an international model and hostess agency, which impresses with its all-around service, the constant inclusion of new faces, the speed of placement and the continuous satisfaction of our customers.

TOGET-HER is characterized by partnerships and collaborations with well-known photographers, stylists and make-up artists. Our models receive qualified coaching and optimal preparation for your respective assignment.

We see ourselves as an all-round agency and, in addition to finding models, we also offer you direct capture of the right outfit (for example, you decide directly when booking whether your logo should be included on the clothing), and we also carry out castings planning your event.


If you don't advertise, you die.

Henry Ford

Companies live in constant competition to compete for the customer's favor. Despite the great importance of the Internet as an advertising channel and the possibility of reaching a broad target group, addressing potential customers offline continues to have the highest priority in the area of professional marketing.


No matter how professionally designed an online campaign can be, it cannot replace the impression that a person can convey in person.

Due to the large number of advertising offers, it is no longer enough to simply reach customers with a message. Rather, they would like to be addressed personally and take advantage of the opportunity for direct interaction.



The Internet and social networks already offer some ways to do this, but these are more impersonal and can in no way replace direct communication. The human factor and its ability to respond to the other person depending on the situation and requirements cannot still be replaced by technology.


Personal product marketing is therefore highly recommended for long-term sales success. The basis for successful product marketing is reliable and motivated staff. In this area we are at your side as a strong partner with many years of experience.


Human factor.


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