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Radiant skin, no matter where: skin care tips for fall and winter jobs.

Hello everyone, as a hostess at TOGET-HER I spend a large part of my working time in exhibition halls, shops and other premises. My skin is exposed to particular challenges, especially during the fall and winter seasons. The air is dry, the heaters are running at full blast – this can quickly dry out your skin. I have some tried-and-true skincare tips that help me keep my skin glowing and healthy, even during my busy days. I would like to share this with you in this article. Have fun reading!

1. Hydration is key

One of the main problems in autumn and winter is the lower humidity, which can lead to dry skin. To counteract this, it is crucial to keep your skin well hydrated. Use a rich, moisturizing face cream to protect your skin from drying out. Also consider adding a moisturizing serum to your skin care routine. Serums contain highly concentrated active ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin and provide moisture.

2. Gentle cleaning

A gentle cleansing routine is a must to protect skin from dirt and impurities, especially when spending all day indoors. I use a mild cleansing lotion or a gentle cleansing gel to gently care for my skin. The skin care products I choose are always designed to soothe and protect my skin.

3. Exfoliation in moderation

Scrubs and exfoliants are great for removing dead skin cells and making skin glow. However, you should be careful with this right now as your skin may be more sensitive in cold temperatures. Use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week to avoid overuse.

4. Lip and hand care

The lips and hands are often the most affected by dryness in autumn/winter. Apply lip balm regularly to prevent chapped lips. We recommend a rich hand cream for your hands, which you can apply as needed to prevent cracking and dryness. All care products are also available in small sizes, so you can easily take them with you in your handbag on a longer job.

5. Eat healthy and drink enough water

The right diet and sufficient fluid intake are also crucial for me as a hostess. My tip: Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants and nourish the skin from the inside out. Also drink enough water to moisturize the skin and flush toxins from the body.

6. Stay calm and reduce stress

As a hostess, there are hectic moments from time to time. I know how important it is to manage stressful situations as stress can also affect your skin. That's why I integrate relaxation techniques such as conscious, deep breathing into my work routine. If the job allows it, I also try to take short breaks every now and then.

My conclusion

Fall-winter skin care as a busy hostess requires adjustment and dedication, but it is absolutely doable. With the right products and a consistent skincare routine, I can ensure that my skin stays radiant and healthy, even when I spend most of my time indoors. And while I'm attending guests at events and taking care of the details, I can be confident that my skin is in tip-top shape.


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